10 Things to Do in Helsingor

Monday, December 15, 2014

Like I said in my post last Wednesday, I absolutely loved Helsingor, Denmark. Despite the small size of the city, Helsingor is filled with creative and fun things to do. Other than seeing the Kronborg Castle (where Hamlet is set) I had no other expectations for Helsingor. Had I know it was such an awesome place I would have planned to spend an overnight. In case you ever find yourself in Helsingor here are 10 places to visit plus a few places to eat and shop!

1) Wandering the windy streets of the Helsingor Town was probably the highlight of my whole Denmark/Sweden trip.

outdoors shopping in Helsingor, Denmark

a town square in denmark

2) In Helsingor you can enjoy the really high quality street art that decorates buildings, alleyways, and electrical boxes. Bonus - this is free!

butterfies painted on an old wall in Helsingor

a woman painted in red, yellow, and green in Helsingor

a leopard painted on an electricity box in Helsingor

3) Visit the Kronborg Castle. I've already written at length about how awesome the Kronborg Castle is in this blog post.

a hall inside the kronborg castleholgor the dane under the kronborg castle

4) Copenhagen has its famous Little Mermaid and Helsingor has Han. The Han statue by Elmgreen and Dragset is seen as the little brother of the Little Mermaid. The statue is quite beautiful with the backdrop of the port with boats coming and going.

Han the merman statue in Helsingor

5) This fabulous fish sculpture created from trash is another highlight of Helsingor. Unfortunately i couldn't find any information online about who created this sculpture or if it is a permanent installment. In my imagination, it was created by trash found in the sea to draw attention to the problem of littering (*I have no idea if this is true but this is what I hope it is).

fish sculpture made of trash in helsingor

6) Visit the Danish National Maritime Museum or just check out the outside! The building is an amazing piece of architecture, so even if you don't go inside you can enjoy the Danish National Maritime Museum. Tickets to the museum cost 110 DKK but people under 18 are free!

7) Check out the The Culture Yard and Helsingor Library. I can feel you shaking your heads at this one through the screen. Okay, okay, this seems like nothing special but the building is truly amazing and has a beautiful cafe inside.

inside the culture yard in helsingor

a building covered in a beautiful mural in helsingor, denmark

8) The churches in Helsingor are massive brick structures with ornate interiors that have a maritime motif. You can visit St. Olaf's Church, which is a beautiful church with tombs in the church and model ships hanging from the ceiling.

a brick church in helsingor

inside of St. Olaf's church in Helsingor

Maritime motifs in churches in Helsingor

9) Right outside of the library (see the cool sitting area above the statues - that is the library) are these walking men statues. I like how real they look from a distance - especially with the foggy weather we had.

walking men statues in the culture yard in Helsingor
Statues outside of the library

10) Visit St. Marie's Church, which is a huge structure with beautiful internal courtyards. Don't forget to look up if you go inside - the ceilings are painted with incredibly detailed artwork.

st. marie's church in Helsingor

ceilings painted with a beautiful design in Helsingor

paintings and an organ in Helsingor, Denmark

In addition to visiting the above ten places there are also a huge number of cute shops and places to eat. I absolutely loved visiting the store Levende Lys, which had both clothes and home goods.

Levende Lys shop in Helsingor

J and I ate a reasonable lunch at Cafe Olai. I had another one of my recently discovered favorites- opened faced sandwiches! This was so delicious and was a very large portion. We also purchased a few sweet treats from Bagt (unfortunately I can't find the address anywhere!).

beef in Cafe Olai in Helsingor

an open faced sandwich in Cafe Olai in Helsingor

Bagt in Helsingor

chocolate and coconut pastry in Helsingor

Have you been to Helsingor? What else do you suggest doing there?