You Will Not Go Hungry in Prague

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wow, there was some great food in Prague. The prices were very low and the portions were huge everywhere! It was also never difficult to find a good restaurant - a problem that frequently I have when traveling.

Cafe Savoy

I arrived at Cafe Savoy pretty early on Sunday morning, which I learned is a pretty bad idea unless you have previously made a reservation. Luckily I wanted to visit the nearby Museum Kampa, so I made my quick reservation and strolled off. The interior of the Cafe Savoy is just a fancy as the exteriors of all of the buildings around Prague. I actually felt like I was on the set of a romantic comedy movie - was that perfect.

Address: Vitezna 5, Praha 5

The exterior of cafe savoy

mini vertnik at cafe savoy


Trdelnik's are everywhere in the Prague Old Town. A Trdelnik is basically sweet dough wrapped around a slowly revolving metal rod set over a roasting fire. The inside stays soft and the outside gets crispy and can be rolled in cinnamon or other flavors. I thought it was pretty tasty!

a trdelnik pastry in Prague


I visited Aldolce on the recommendation from somewhere online (I'm sorry I can't remember where I found it!). I'm so glad that I visited Aldolce and tried the recommended pistachio ice cream. It was to die for. Aldolce is located right in the Jewish section, so while you are eating your ice cream you can stroll around synagogs. 

Vezenska 911/4, Old Town, Praha 1

Pistachio ice cream from Aldolce in Prague

Leica Cafe

In my trip planning for Prague I found the Leica Cafe. I was beyond excited about this find because my Dad has always been a huge Leica-lover. The Leica Cafe was wonderful as I expected and had an exhibit of photographs taken with a variety of Leica cameras. If you are a fan of Leica cameras you should visit this cafe!

Skolska 693/28 Prague 1

The outside of the Leica Cafe in Prague

The inside of the Leica Cafe in Prague

Treats at the Leica Cafe in Prague


These sausage street vendors are ubiquitous in Prague. They serve super cheap and fast sausages that make a great snack or quick meal. Yum!

roasting kielbasa in Prague

kielbasa with mustard in prague

Bake Shop

When I met up with J after his conference he needed a bit of a pick me up. This came in the form of a cappuccino and carrot cake from Bake Shop. This cafe was the winner of the trip for me. I loved the interior of the iconic Cafe Savoy; however, I found the greeter at the door very rude and was made to feel rather uncomfortable during my entire time there. The Bake Shop was the exact opposite. The people were friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the tables were cool- you could duck underneath the table to sit in the window (I'm not sure how else to describe it).

Kozi 1, Praha 1

carrot cake from the bake shop

the inside of the bake shop

Lebanese - U Cedru

J and I visited U Cedru and ordered the taster menu for two. It was incredible! Don't let the distance from the Old Town of Prague prevent you from visiting this amazing restaurant. The food was incredible and the portions were literally so gigantic. Bonus: the owner was very friendly! 

Meal for two at U Cedru

Wafer Cookies

I picked up wafer cookies on a recommendation from one of J's friends. Excellent recommendation! These were delicious!

Kolonada wafter cookies

Did you like the food in Prague? Where is your favorite place to eat?


  1. Wow, that Trdelnik looks awesome. I always love trying new things. It is so much fun to see how people eat different things around the world.

    1. That is one of my favorite things about traveling. What types of foods from different countries are your favorites?

  2. Pistachio icecream always has my vote!

  3. I'm cracking up because I have a similar Prague food post ready to go this week haha!! It's too good not to gush about right? I loved Cafe Savoy....and the street food was amazing too! I can't believe I didn't gain any weight!

    1. I think the walking helps to prevent the weight gain. But seriously the food was just so good. I couldn't believe the portions. I cannot wait to read your post this week!

  4. GET me a Trdelnik NOW! Who knew that Prague had such yummy food? It is on my top 10 places to see in 2015. I can't decide when the best time to visit would be though. What is your recommendation?

    Angie from reasons to dress

    1. Oh I'm glad you are planning to go! I went the first weekend in October and it was lovely weather-wise. I imagine that it is crowded year 'round because they have a Christmas Market in the winter.

      Two other bloggers I like have also gone so you should check out there posts to see if they have other suggestions about when to go. Jamie from Gunter's Abroad went in the middle of October and I can't remember when Margo from Guten Blog Y'all went.

  5. Prague is one of my husband's favorite cities, and I have the feeling we'll be returning, and I'll remember to check this for recommendations. He loved the many floors of the craft beer bar Zlý časy and in a sea of goulash and Kielbasa we had amazing vegetarian food at Lehka Hlava.

    1. I really enjoyed visiting Prague and would love to go back too! Thanks for those tips - if/when I go back I will be sure to check those places out!