The Diplomat Hotel in Prague

Monday, November 17, 2014

During our quick weekend trip to Prague, J and I stayed in the Diplomat Hotel in Praha 6, which is the quiet diplomat quarter of Prague. This hotel was booked and chosen for us by J's work as he was there for a conference.

I loved the location of this hotel, as it was outside of the main tourist sights but very easy by public transportation to reach everywhere in the city. I also thought that the restaurants in this area were amazing.

The outside of the building looks nice and the lobby was great. Check in was fast and easy. I wasn't blown away by other aspects of the hotel itself, though. For some reason our room had an extra cot in it, which took up basically all of the walking space by the bed. 

The Diplomat Hotel had an extensive free breakfast; however, there were not enough clean plates, bowls, or utensils for everyone. I ended up eat cereal from a coffee mug and shared a spoon with J. Breakfast was packed on both Saturday and Sunday morning and this may have been due to the conference that J was attending (which was not located in the hotel). Still, I'd think that a hotel would have enough flatware and dishes to serve even if they are at their maximum capacity.

It was very easy to get to and from the airport with the airport bus that happened to stop right outside of the Diplomat Hotel. There was free Wifi available everywhere in the hotel, which is a necessity for both of us when traveling.

If I was to go back to Prague I would probably stay in Praha 6, but in a different hotel.

 The bathroom of the Diplomat HotelThe bed in the diplomat hotel in prague

I've been playing around with the new hotel booking website, Yonderbound and have favorited this hotel. You can check it out here.

The Diplomat Hotel. Evropska 15, Praha 6. Rooms start at 66 USD per night. 4 Stars.


  1. I really want to go to Prague, it sounds like a fantastic place to visit. It's a shame this hotel let you down in a couple of areas, otherwise is sounds like it would have been a good place to stay x

    1. You really should go to Prague! It is so great. Despite the little snags with the hotel the area was really great. If you want to be out of the crowds I'd highly suggest that area.

  2. I love all your Prague pictures and posts, it really makes me regret not going when I was in Europe. I will have to just go back.

    1. Yes! You will have to visit Prague sometime!