8 Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A view of the Copenhagen botanical garden with fall color leaves

One overwhelming theme ran through advice about Copenhagen from everyone I talked to. Everyone said that Copenhagen was wonderful but too expensive. Because of this, I had very unrealistic expectations of the cost of everything - I thought everything would be so exorbitantly priced! In my opinion this is not completely true. There are a lot of free and cheap things to do in Copenhagen that make visiting not as expensive as I was led to believe. Check out a few of these options!

1) Visit the Botanical Garden. You know I love a good botanical garden well any botanical garden, really. The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen was one of the best I've visited - and it was late October!  The Botanical Garden is completely free to visit and so are the glass houses.

A plant in the botanical garden in the Copenhagen botanical garden

a view of a green house in copenhagen

a pink rhododendron flower opening

2) Walk around Nyhavn. Nyhavn is what you see in postcards from Copenhagen and is probably the most photographed area in the city. It is completely beautiful, though and shouldn't be skipped because of this.

crossing the street into Nyhavn

Nyhavn and the canals

boats in the canals in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

3) Visit the Denmark National Museum. I love to visit museums and was pleased to be able to visit the National Museum for free. The interior of the museum was really cool and a man was working on this sand painting (below). I really enjoyed the exhibits on Danish history and culture.

sand art in the Denmark National Museum

4) See the Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid is totally touristy, yet most people that I've talked to said it is a cool statue. We skipped the Little Mermaid statue in favor of exploring our AirBnB neighborhood instead.

5) Visit the Royal Gardens. The Royal Gardens (King's Garden) is a gorgeous park that was designed by King Christian IV about 400 years ago. You can find these gardens at the Rosenborg Castle. 

straight trees in the Royal Gardens

Fall colors in the royal garden

6) Go Window Shopping in Sroget. I went window shopping in Sroget (walking streets) several times. One evening, while trying to find dinner, J and I kept getting stuck in windy Sroget - we eventually made it out though!

the shopping streets in Copenhagen

Walking streets and colorful buildings in Vilnius

7) Enter the Old Stock Exchange. I did not enter the Old Stock exchange, but if I knew it was a possibility I would have. I absolutely love the Dragon Spire at the top of the building.

the dragon spire in Copenhagen
 the dragon spire on the old stock exchange in copenhagen

8) Check out the Gorgeous Our Saviors Church. The twisty tower of Our Saviors Church allows you to see it from all over Copenhagen. Get up close and visit the interior of the church and the church grounds for free. You must pay to go up the twisty tower, though.

our saviors church in copenhagen

Our Saviors church in copenhagen

the interior of our saviors church in copenhagen

intricate organ in the our saviors church in copenhagen

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm celebrating with some expat friends here in Vilnius. How are you celebrating the holiday?

What else can you do for free in Copenhagen?


  1. We celebrated this weekend, and taught some Australian's about American Thanksgiving food. This is a great list. Thanks. www.eatallovertheworld.weebly.com

    1. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I think it is great to share new traditions with friends :) I did the same for 4th of July and Easter with my friends in China. It was great!

  2. I love that photo of the pulpit. I'm just having low-key dinner with Sam. :) xx

    1. Thanks. A low-key dinner sounds great! Are you cooking anything special? Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Great guide to free things in Copenhagen! I'm not one for plants and such but I do love walking among them and botanical gardens always fill me with happiness :)

    1. Thank you! The botanical garden really is beautiful - even if you aren't into plants. I was so happy to find that it was free!

  4. I love posts like this. I had never considered visiting Copenhagen until last year when my husband visited briefly and said his short glimpse was good. This will get filed away under 'when we eventually visit Denmark'

    1. Thanks Amy! It is such a great city. J and I really want to go back during his spring break in 2016 - I know, planning way ahead. It was a really fun trip and the food was oh so good.

  5. I would also add go to Christiania, have a walk around, and definitely definitely ride your bike around the city! Great list. Do love your photos, they remind me so much of our two years there! :) x

    1. Oh I'm glad you had more suggestions! You know, J and I walked by the entrance to Christiania but never went in. I'm curious what it is like, but I'm really not into pot and that pretty much the only thing I've heard about it for. What is it like?

  6. This list is great and has come at the perfect time! Was just speaking to a friend about planning a trip there next year :)

    1. Great! Plan that trip - it is so wonderful!

  7. Nice! I keep these tips in mind for next visit, Copenhagen is really pretty.