Things to do in Fu Xian Lake, China

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fu Xian Lake, the third largest lake in China, is located in Chengjiang, Jiangchun, and Huaning Counties in Yunnan Province. It is just a short three hour drive from Kunming and is such a fun place for an over-night escape from city life.

One portion of the coast of Fu Xian Lake has been built up into a mini resort area with a few hotels, restaurants, and amusement park-style activities. The hotels are pretty standard for China, which means that they have reasonably comfortable beds, bedside table consoles that control the room lights, and a crappy bathroom with eastern-style toilets (I don't mind these) and a shower head that must be used while balancing over the toilet (don't fall in...). The amusement park rides and games begin after dark and are such fun. I had such a blast competing with my friends for a punching game and bumper cars.

I've been to Fu Xian Lake twice now and I really have enjoyed it both times. Fu Xian Lake is a perfect place to kick back with your friends and enjoy some delicious foods such as copper pot rice and seafood.

Eat Copper Pot Rice

Copper Pots for copper pot rice

Copper pot rice with potatoes

Enjoy Amusement Park Rides and Games

Bumper cars in Fu Xian Lake

Hike to the Temples on the Mountain in Town

Fish catching nets
Nets used for catching fish

A mountain that looks like a boob with a nipple in Fu Xian Lake

Mountains and boats in Fu Xian lake

Rent a Paddle Boat

Paddle boats in Fu Xian Lake, China

Ridding a paddle boat in Fu Xian Lake in Yunnan

Paddle boats and mountains in Fu Xian Lake

Fu Xian Lake paddle boats


Swimming in Fu Xian Lake

Swimming in Fu Xian Lake and enjoying the sandy beach

You can get to Fu Xian Lake by hiring a driver or by taking a bus from the South Bus Station. You can rent a hotel room upon arrival to Fu Xian Lake and usually they will offer options for paddle boat rentals. 

Have you been to Fu Xian Lake before?


  1. It's so beautiful! What a great place to take a paddle boat out at! x

    1. It is a really fun place to visit for a city escape!

  2. China's always worth visiting, you can never know what's awaiting there, for you! :)

    1. I completely agree! I absolutely love China