The Best of Off-Beat Bohemia

Friday, October 31, 2014

a cute yellow courtyard in Prague

Parts of Prague were so overwhelming due to the amount of tourists that it was hard to enjoy (the sardine packed Astronomical Clock for one). To escape the crowds I tried to explore some off-beat areas of Prague. 

The Lennon Wall is one such example of the off-beat portions of Prague. I visited the Lennon Wall early in the morning (I hear it gets crowded during the day) and there were hardly any tourists in the area. I absolutely love street art, and the creativity of the Lennon Wall did not disappoint. I didn't leave any notes behind, but there was a whole section of the wall covered in notes and wishes (can you spot the note written on a pad in the photo below?).

I also enjoyed finding hidden street art along Masarykovo street while I walked to the Dancing House and along Vaclavskeke street. Other interesting statues and works of art were located in the Kampa Park and the grounds of the Museum Kampa. Museum Kampa was the only museum I visited in Prague and I'm so glad I had the time to visit. The interior was incredible and the art was stunning (but very modern so maybe not for everyone). If you aren't into modern art, maybe it is best to save the cost of the entrance fee and rather visit the Kampa park, which is littered with statues. Check out those statues of faceless babies - creepy!

A yellow building with a white window sill with flower pots
I'm loving this window with happy pots full of flowers

A blue VW bus spotted in Prague near the Lennon Wall
It wouldn't be Bohemia without a VW Bus! This was parked right next to the Lennon Wall.

Images of John Lennon in the Lennon Wall

Wish of peace at the Lennon Wall

A painting of a child at the Lennon Wall

John Lennon's portrait at the Lennon Wall in Prague

Wishes on the Lennon Wall in Prague

Notes written on paper at the Lennon Wall in Prague
Yup. That is a pad.

John Lennon and the Lennon Wall in Prague

I'm a dreamer too on the Lennon Wall

Creative graffiti of John Lennon at the Lennon Wall in Prague

Love Locks in Prague

Sculptures in Prague
 No driving sculptures in Prague

A view of a marching band from the Charles Bridge

A man wearing a horse head playing a keyboard in Prague
 A giant wooden cube in Prague

At the top of the giant wooden cube in Prague

An art installment of colorful chairs in Prague

Street art in Prague

Stripey street art in Prague

An flier for the Museum of Communism

Monster Street art in Prague

Street art in Prague

A pink face in a tv at prague

Street art in Prague

Museum Kampa

A statue of a buddhist in Prague

Freaky statues of babies with no faces in Prague

A freaky statue of a baby in prague

A sculpture at the Museum Kampa

Sculptures at the museum kampa in prague

glass view at the kampa museum in prague

a row of yellow penguins in prague

What do you think about the off-beat side of Prague? Where else you can you find off-beat bits around Bohemia? Aren't those baby statues terrifying?


  1. it's so great to see this different side of Prague - every photo is like a set from an arty, indie movie! i would love to visit again. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

    1. Great description! I loved that side of Prague.

  2. very nice blog:)

  3. you found some great off-beat spots in prague. i have to agree i'm not a fan of the super touristy and crowded areas.. but i guess you always have to do them at least once! i esp love the colorful chairs. if i'm ever in prague again, i need to hunt them down.

    1. I think the colorful chairs may have been a temporary art exhibit - but I'm not sure because I couldn't read the Czech signs! There were pretty cool though.

  4. I forgot about the babies!! Ugh, I think my brain was overloaded with food from day 1 in Prague and I missed a few things that I had previously wanted to see....oh, well! Hopefully there is a next time and I can check out some of these sights :)

    1. Had you heard about the babies before-hand? I hadn't and found them to be a creepy surprise. I'm super jealous of your food tour and wish I had signed up for it. Next time!