A taste of Vientiane, Laos

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some more random photos from my phone- mostly of the food in Laos. I cannot say enough about how delicious and varied the food was in Vientiane. I could find basically any type of food I wanted in Vientiane- from Lao food to French food to Greek or Thai. Anything.

Thai food and red wine - great combo

A wonderful sandwich on French bread with a mystery filling. So cheap on the streets.

The best cafe with coffee and chocolate pie.

I found a Greek restaurant in Laos?! Yes, it was wonderful.

Miscellaneous spring rolls that I bought while sitting in a tuk tuk. So good.

The view out of the tuk tuk while on the way to kayak on the Mekong River.


Yummy rambutans

Greek salad and more coffee. Vientiane has delicious coffee.

In a lot of stores in Vientiane you can find products made with Mulberries. I tried mulberry tea, which tastes a lot like dirt and this luscious mulberry pie.

Hong Kong: Night Market

I finally got around to putting phone photos from my travels onto my computer. Here are some excellent finds from the Temple Street night market in Hong Kong.

The crowds at the night market.

A creepy crab that was a popular order.

A noodly dinner that was surprisingly very good.

Just looking flipping through these photos reminded me of the sights and sounds and smells of the night market.

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old Saybrook has a nice, typical New England main street. Visit Main Street for local shopping a dinning. My top restaurant picks on Main Street are The Paperback CafĂ© for the most delicious French toast and the Penny Lane Pub for beer and the best sweet potato fries. For the best seafood nearby try Bill’s Restaurant in Westbrook, CT for lobsters and outdoor seating.

Main Street, Old Saybrook